COMING SOON! New DTF (Direct to Film) Printer

Well, we've bit the bullet and have decided to go full in with our print/design company. I've ordered our Ricoma Revel DTF-2402 printer which should be delivering to us by mid-May. Once we have the new printer in house, we'll have a lot more options for you and your print design needs! Stay tuned! I'll post some videos on our YouTube channel as we navigate this new business venture!

Please make sure to click our YouTube link and subscribe to our channel so you can come along for this crazy ride! 

Custom Made By Us - YouTube

We can print to film that you can then heat transfer to your clothing items. These transfers can go on any color, 100% cotton, 50/50, nylon, jean material, leather, or even 100% polyester. The possibilities are endless. 

We'll offer DTF Transfer Sheets, DTF Gang Sheets, and Individual Prints in many different sizes. Simply upload your artwork, we print and ship! If you don't have a heat press, we can also press your work as well. 

We will also have a large assortment of ready to print designs at your fingertips! 

We're super excited for this next chapter and can't wait to show you how this company grows with these new services we'll offer. 

Revel DTF-2402 Printer

Revel DTF-2402 Printer Side

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