Do You Offer Free Samples? Of Course We Offer Free Samples! Samples You Want!

We offer free samples for you to test before you commit to buying from us. The great thing with our samples is we request that you send us some of our own artwork. We’ll print that and send that to you.

Why order samples of things that make no sense to your company. We want you to see your own artwork printed from our commercial grade DTF printers with the highest quality ink, powder, and film.

Send us your art to our WeTransfer site with a note to our designers so we can get some samples out to you today!

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(888) 717-5004

Please watch our following videos to see how to create a DTF Gang Sheet in Adobe Photoshop, Canva Pro, and using our Online Builder!

Create a 22" x 60" Gang Sheet using our Online Builder

Create a 22" x 60" Gang Sheet in Canva Pro

Create a 22" x 60" Gang Sheet in Photoshop