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3D Printed Pet Memorial

3D Printed Pet Memorial

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This pet memorial is crafted using 3D printing technology and made from durable, lightweight resin materials. It is a unique and lasting way to commemorate a beloved pet and is sure to capture lasting memories through its 3D sculpted features. A perfect way to remember and honor furry family members and keep them in your heart for years to come. We have you send us a small portion of your pets ashes (usually about 1 teaspoon), after we print your model in resin, we make a small opening to put the ashes inside. We seal it up and custom paint the model to match your pet perfectly. Feel free to contact us direct if you have any questions at 986-213-4900.




4" Tall x 5" Long

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Resin is fragile. Be careful to not drop and break your model.

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